About Obruta Space Solutions

Obruta Space Solutions is creating technology that meets the growing concerns around the safety, removal, and future mitigation of all space debris.

Located in Ottawa Ontario, Canada, Obruta's technology focuses on both active and end-of-life space debris capture and deorbiting methods. For active removal, Obruta is leveraging deployable tethered-net technology to develop the worlds first multi-target debris removal satellite payload. For end-of-life deorbiting within lower Earth orbit, Obruta offers a range of deployable drag sails that can rapidly deorbit a satellite at its mission end.

To learn more about the threat of space debris, visit our information page. Visit our technology page for information on the status of our technology development, or contact us for any inquiries.

Our Team

Kevin Stadnyk

Co-founder & CEO, EIT, MASc Aerospace Engineering Candidate, Carleton University

Kirk Hovell

Co-founder & CTO, EIT, PhD Candidate in Aerospace Engineering, Carleton University

Lucas Brewster

Co-founder & COO, EIT, BEng Aerospace Engineering, Carleton University